We provide design, installation and T&C for ACMV and Process System.

Major Scope of works include,



To supply and install chiller (Water Cooled / Air Cooled / Brine) c/w CHW / CW pipe, manual/control valve, mover work, hoisting work, electrical panel / cable, and accessories


Cooling Tower

To supply and install cooling tower (Cross Flow / Counter Flow / Close Loop / Stainless Steel) c/w ā€˜Iā€™ beam structure, hoisting work, manual/control valve, electrical panel / cable, VSD and accessories



To supply and install CHW / CW / Make-up / Stainless Steel Pump c/w CHW / CW / SS pipe, manual / control valve, hot tapping / freezing (if necessary), electrical panel / cable, VSD and accessories


Water Tank

To supply and install Stainless Steel Water tank c/w stainless steel water pipe, valve, fitting and accessories



To supply and install AHU / MAU / FCU c/w chilled water pipe, manual/control valve, hot tapping/freezing (if necessary), CKD (if necessary), duct work, electrical panel/cable, VSD and accessories


Mechanical Ventilaiton System

To supply and install Fresh / Exhaust Fan c/w ducting, damper, diffuser, grille, electrical work and accessories


VRV / Split Unit

To supply and install VRV / Split Unit c/w copper pipe, drain pipe, electrical/control cable, bracket and accessories


Piping Work

To supply and install CHW / CW pipe work for ACMV system

To supply and install stainless steel 316 / 304 pipe work for Process System


Duct Work

To supply and install Galvanized / Pre-insulated / Stainless Steel duct work


Electrical Panel & Cabling

To supply and install Electrical Panel & Cabling work


Control Work / Energy Management System

To supply and install Server, DDC panel, flowmeter, sensor, actuator & control cabling work for ACMV work


Clean Room

To design and build clean room (Class 100K and Class 10K)